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1 站内所有文件均为网络共享资源,我们仅做打包整理。仅用于学习交流,严禁用做商业用途,否则自行承担后果。
2 所有资源请于下载后24小时内删除。如需体验更多乐趣,请购买正版!
3 我们提供用户下载的所有内容均来自互联网。如有内容侵犯您的版权或其他利益的,



1.此仅供爱好者测试及研究之用,版权归发行公司所有。任何组织或个人不得传播或用于任何商业用途,否则一切后果由该组织及个人承担! 我方将不承担任何法律及连带责任。


Like please buy genuine and authorize legal use

This is only suitable for testing

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User agreement:

Please do not run and use it before reading and accepting all the terms of this license agreement. Only when the user agrees to the license terms will he have the right to use the test. Using this test means that the user accepts the license terms.

1. This is for testing and research purposes only, and the copyright belongs to the issuing company. No organization or individual may disseminate or use it for any commercial purposes, otherwise all consequences will be borne by the organization and individual! Our company will not bear any legal and joint liability.
2. No responsibility is assumed for any adverse effects caused by using this software.
3. Please consciously delete it within 24 hours after downloading. If you like this game, please buy the genuine one and authorize it for legal use.

Please read this description carefully before using the software. Once you start running and using it, you will agree to all the contents of the statement by default, and will not be responsible for any adverse effects!